Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Summer, get here quick.

I have spent the past few days driving with my windows down and my music up, drumming to the beat and singing as loud as I can. It's finally spring. But all I can think about is summer.

And as I think about this summer, I realize how much I've already forgotten about last summer. Today I found myself racking my brain for reasons why I'm so excited to go back to Camp Willow Run, but the memories that surfaced were disjointed and fleeting.

I remember how refreshing it was to ride with the windows down and feel wind rush through my hair as I rode home from end-of-year staff party at the Harris' house. I remember finding out that the Ed Hardy notebooks in Wal-Mart were made by Lisa Frank. I remember looking forward to the 5 minutes of socializing I got to do during Sunday's swim test. I remember sitting in front of my boxcar until way too late at night for no reason in particular.

I remember taking a boat out on weekends and basking in the sun.
I remember laughing about who ended up folding who's clothes.
I remember the smell of Lakeside.

And yelling "Off the porch!" a million times.
And Grandpa's Barbecue.
And singing during high school week worship.
And the weightlifter skit.
And sitting in the back of the Crossing during the end-of-week slideshow.
And plotting to commandeer a sailboat.
And star-tripping.
And eating an entire fun-fetti cake in 2 hours.

So many little memories of last summer mean so much to me, but it sort of scares me to know that I've already forgotten most of what happened in the summer of 2009. I hate thinking that I'll forget the beautiful moments that made me smile and taught me more about the One I worship and the person I am.

But it also makes me super excited for memories to be made in the summer of 2010.
When I think about it, I can't help but smile.