Monday, February 8, 2010


"Taylor, are you going to blog about this trip?"
Why yes, Jen, I am.

And the subject of my incredibly insightful post?
The nature of true friendship.
It is awkward.

Think about itmaintaining a healthy friendship with someone forces you to do things with them that we would otherwise think are very inappro-pro (yes, I just used the word "inappro-pro; deal with it). We share personal information with friends, we depend on them for important things, we let them set us up on dates (or at least talk about setting them up with people who are "perfect for you"), we trust them to have our back even when we do ridiculous things. Really, friends are the only people that have the power to talk us into doing those ridiculous things in the first place.

Of course, some friendships are more awkward than others. Some people enjoy having friendships that, in their simplest form, are essentially a series of uncomfortable interactions.

"I've wanted to touch you all night."
Yes Jen, you're one of those people. But I love you for it.

Okay Taylor, what made you think about these awkward friendships?
Well, this past weekend was one full of wonderful, hilarious, sleepy, and awkward interactions with people I don't see nearly often enough. Interestingly, I would consider each one of these people to be wonderful friends of mine, but I haven't known any of them for more than 3 yearsseveral I've only known since last May. I don't have a ton of history with any one of these people, but I can always count on having a great time with them.

In truth, Facebook has helped me maintain these friendships more than I'd like to give it credit for.
"I like facebook because it lets you see how people are doing without actually talking to them."
No, I didn't say that. I'm not that shallow. However, Stephen Lee is.
(I know this quote doesn't fit perfectly into this post, but I really wanted to include it.)

In conclusion:
Friends are people who can handle my awkward just as well as I can handle theirs.
Sometimes I can't explain why, but I feel comfortable with them.